Electric Clutch to fit 1" bore, 7.5" pulley, fits many tractors including some John Deere 300 series Ogura Lawnmower Parts, Ogura

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Item Specifications

Item Specifications

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Notes and Warnings
  • Fits 1" shaft used on John Deere 300, 314, 316 with Kohler, and 317 by cutting the shaft off to fit it 3.125" thick This will fit the 20hp Briggs Vanguard & Honda engines used in some of our conversion kits. The 1" bore does not go all the way through the clutch. The 1" diameter keyed bore is 1ö in length. A 1ö shaft can actually slide into the clutch for 1 7/8" before the clutch tapers down to a 13/16 diameter hole on the last ? 1" of the clutch bore