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VERI Cool Trimmer Head LP #417467

Your Price: $26.50
Item Number: 417467


The COOL head spool holds 30 feet of line                          
Very fast loading of spool 
When the line breaks at the eyelet, no need to open head to remove unused line
Changing the bolt is so easy with this head. Open the head, remove and replace the bolt, close the head. No tools, no hassle. 
Light weight 
Low profile cutting
Low maintenance
The Aerodynamic design creates air separation along the path of the trimmer line resulting in less drag.  The design creates greater inertia with less effort creating greater head speed.  This head is rated at 12,000 RPM
The fluctuation of the line as it spins is greatly reduced which allows for extremely even cutting ability.
The increase in RPM at the same power level improves cutting performance which reduces gas consumption
Low noise level

Works on the following:

STIHL: F90R, FR:106/108, FS40, FS44/B/J/R, FS48, FS52/AVE/AVRE, FS55/R, FS5-RC-E, FS56C-E, FS56/AVRE, FS62/AVE/AVRE, FS66/AVE/AVRE, FS74/AVE/AVRE, FS76/AVE/AVRE, FS80/R, FS81/AVE/AVRE, FS83/R, FS85/R/RX/RT, FS86/AVE/AVRE, FS88, FS96, FS100RX, FS106/AVE, FS108, FS110/R/RX, FS120/R, FS130/R, FS200R, FS250/R, FS350, FS450K, FS550/K

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VERI Cool Trimmer Head LP #417466
Your Price: $26.50
VERI Cool Trimmer Head LP #417466


Product Reviews

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Not so cool
roger tabor (orient, NY) 7/25/2014 8:39 AM
Biggest prob is the eyelets are too high off the ground resulting in the operator having to hold the trimmer up high and angled with your back arm. Pulling the string out when line is finished can be tuff unless you have a pocket knife to get it started. Finally the holes on the bottom of the head are made for a child's hand, kinda of awkward twisting it. On a positive note installing the string is a breeze!
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