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Trimmer Line Review


.065” diameter – Used mostly on electric trimmers

.080” diameter – Used mostly on curved shaft trimmers

.095” diameter – Used on straight shaft trimmers (25cc)

.105” diameter – Used on straight shaft trimmers (25cc-33cc)

.130” diameter – Used on straight heavy brushcutters (33cc and up)

.155” diameter – Used mostly on walk behind trimmers


The larger the diameter the line, the longer it lasts due to the volume of the line but be sure your engine and trimmer head can handle the line size. Too large of a line can create wind drag that bogs the engine down causing premature engine failure or can break off at the eyelets on your trimmer head. The line should be able to pass through the eyelets and still have some play. Landscaper Pro only stocks the .095” and .105” sizes but can order whatever size you need.


Trimmer line can be made into many shapes. The shapes we carry are round (standard), square (diamond) and hexagon. Each shape is designed to cut the grass cleanly and feed properly. The best shape for your trimmer head and trimming conditions can only be determined by you. We recommend round line for cutting against mostly concrete and trees, square line for heavy weeds or taller grass and hexagon line for providing a cleaner cut for the maintained yard.


All of our trimmer line is made of a co-polymer material. Co-polymer is a combination of two different materials that blend together to form a stronger single material. This material replaces the older nylon lines of the past. Our premium line, Ninja, is a co-extruded line. In this process, multiple materials are extruded together to form a line with a core and a shell around it. The core material is softer and the shell material is tough to provide a line that resists breakage and fraying. This line generally tested to last 1 ½ times longer than regular lines.


Trimmer line is meant to be kept in a cool, dark place when not in use. When exposed to the sunlight, trimmer line can become more brittle. If you find your line is becoming this way, place your roll of line in a bucket of water overnight. The water will absorb into the line slightly making it more pliable. 

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