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Lawn and Garden Tires (Slow Speed Tires)

Tire measurements (Located on the sidewall of the tire)

Overall diameter x Section width x Rim diameter

This is the most common way tires are measured for slow speed applications. A 24 x 12.00-12 tire is 24” in diameter, 12” width and has a 12” rim diameter.

Section Width / Section Height x Rim Diameter

This measurement is used on a lot of go-cart or hand truck tires. You will see 4.10/3.50-6 on the tire. This means the tire is 4.1” in width, 3.5” in tire height (rim to outer edge) with a 6” rim height.


4.10/3.50-6 written the first way would be 13 x 4.10-6. To get the 13, you add the tire height to the rim height to the tire height again. By doing this, it may help you visualize how big the tire actually is.

Tire Brands

The three main brands you see are Carlisle, Kenda and CST (Maxxis). Carlisle is the most common tire brand used in the lawn and garden industry but Kenda is making a strong push. CST is a top replacement tire in the lawn and garden industry but seems to be more well known for the Maxxis brand in dirt bike and ATV racing. All three tire manufactures have tires made in China but many of the commercial tires for Carlisle are made in the US.

Even though all three companies are high level tire manufactures, each has their own set of tolerances when it comes to dimensions. Due to this, you can compare 3 tires; one from each manufacturer, side by side and see the heights don’t match exactly. For this reason we always suggest buying the tires in sets of two from the same manufacturer. If you replace a single tire or mix brands, we suggest you check that the blades tips under the deck are still at the same height after the installation to ensure an even cut. You can do this with a deck leveling gauge.

The most common commercial tread is the Turf Master or K505 tread design. Kenda also has a Super Turf pattern that matches up well as a replacement. Carlisle is also gaining some commercial traction with their Turf Smart tread, no pun intended. The Turf Smart tire is a self-cleaning tire that has misaligned tread to help gain better traction on hillsides. The most popular tread in the overall market is the Turf Saver/Turf Rider tread. This tread is commonly used on residential tractors and commercial walk behind mowers. The smooth and rib treads are used on many front caster wheels. Since the caster wheels do not drive the unit, no tread is needed.

Installation and Maintenance

Most tires today are tubeless tires. This means the tire seats on the rim when filled with air. With many of these tires coming from China, they are packaged in a flattened state. This makes seating the tire a little tricky. If you receive a tire that won’t seat due to its deformity, try setting it out in the sunshine for a while. The heat will bring the natural form back to the tire allowing it to seat easier.

Maintain proper air pressure in your tires. Tires with different pressure levels will cause the deck to be uneven. Tires filled to max pressure can be rough riding on the bumpy terrain. Just like a car, set your tires to 80% of the max listed on the tire. This will make the tires absorb impact better creating a smoother ride. 

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