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Gearhead LP #90050

Your Price: $74.50
Item Number: 90050
Manufacturer: Stihl Replacement
Manufacturer Part No: 4137 640 0100
Replaces: Stihl 4130 640 0100, 4130 641 0300, 4137 640 0100

Fits: Stihl FR130 T, FR220, FR350, FR450, FR460, FR480, FR85, FR85 T, FS100, FS100R, FS110, FS110R, FS110 RX, FS110 X, FS120, FS120 R, FS130, FS130 R, FS200, FS200 R, FS240, FS240 R, FS250, FS250 R, FS25-4, FS260 R, FS44, FS44 R, FS65-4, FS74, FS80, FS80 R, FS83, FS83 R, FS83 T, FS85, FS85 R, FS85 T, FS87, FS87 R, FS90, FS90 R, FS-KM and FT 100

Includes thrust washer and nut
Unit must be lubricated with a high quality lithium grease prior to use

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