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No Smoke Two Stroke with Fuel Stabilizer LP #50-010

Your Price: $125.00
Item Number: 50-010
No Smoke Two Stroke is a smokeless two stroke oil specifically blended for chain saws,
motorcycles, lawnmowers, string trimmers, blowers, and all other air cooled two cycle engines. 
Safer for the environment and the equipment operator because it eliminates polluting exhaust smoke. 

Excellent anti-corrosion performance 
Amazingly low deposit formations
Superior performance with unleaded gas 
Less Particulate Matter (PM) pollutants
Virtually no carbon build-up 
Incredible anti-seizure protection 
Safer for the equipment operator
Remarkably less exhaust port clogging 
Significantly less piston scuffing 
Increased engine life
Meets OEM Approved Global Oil Specification ISO-L-EGD and JASO FD
1 case of 4 gallon jugs

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