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Worth Professional Mowers

Shanghai Worth Garden Products Co., Ltd (established in 2000) supplies gardening tools and accessories world-wide.  Worth's engineers began building prototype lawn mowers four years ago, with production models being tested and sold commercially in the Chinese and European market for two years.  Manufactured according to the ANSI standards and ETL certified, they have proven to be reliable, durable, and popular with the professional market.

Why use an aluminum deck???

Very few professional grade aluminum deck mowers exist today because aluminum is expensive and therefore many manufactures offer steel deck models.  Steel had the advantage of cost, producing a less expensive mower, but rusts and corrodes easily, shortening the life of the mower.  Generally, aluminum lawn mower decks are more expensive than those made of the alternate materials, but they last considerably longer.

From the minute you handle a Worth aluminum deck mower you notice how lightweight and well balanced it is.  They have a solid feel and push easily through the lawn.  New high performance engines matched with lightweight decks and ball bearing wheels allow your landscaping crews to get more done each day!
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