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Item Number: 417401

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VERI BUMP & FEED HEAD. UNIQUE INTERNAL LOCKING MECHANISM GUARANTEES EQUAL LINE EXTENSION WHEN INDEXING. EYELETS ARE MOLDED INTO THE BODY OF HEAD. VERI IS THE BEST QUALITY HEAD MANY PROFESSIONALS USE ON THEIR OEM EQUIPMENT. THESE HEADS ARE MADE OF THE MOST DURABLE NYLON TO EXTEN HEAD LIFE, ECHO SRM Series: 140, 140A, 140D, 140DA, 200, 200A, 200AE, 200BE, 200CE, 200D, 200DA, 200DB, 200DE, 202DA, 202FA,210AE, 210E, 250, 250E, 300, 300AE, 300AE1, 300AE/1, 300E, 300E/1, 302, 302ADX, 303E, 400AE, 400B, 400BE, 400E, 1500, 1500A, 1501, 2100, 2100SB, 2101, 2110, 2200, 2201,2300, 2301, 2400, 2400SB, 2410, 2500, 2501, 2501S, 2502, 2510, 2601, 3000, 3001, 3010, 3100, 3100S, 3110, 3400, 3410, 3800, 4600 , KAAZ BS400, BX440, BX540, G3CR, G4CR, J40FD, J400G, J400GX, J480, J48D, JQ40, JQ50, K10, K40D, KQ30, KQ30B, KT10, KT30R, RQ30, RQ30B, T240, T30, T50, U10,V15,V18, V25, V35, V40, VRP201, VRP301, VRP400, VRS201, VRS301, VRS400, VRX360, VRX440, VRX540, VS300, VS400, VS441, VX360, VX430, VX440, VX540 , REDMAX BC200, BC2000DL, BC2300DL, BT2000, BT2001DL , SNAPPER 210SS, 2101SST, 211SS, 211ST, 2150RI, 215SST, 240SS, 240SST, 245ORT, 245SST, 310, 311, 311S, 410, 410SST, 411SST, 415ORT, SST2111, SSTBC, SST2401, SST4111, 410SST, P212LST , VANDERMOLEN L184F/G, L335G, L2035G, L/X1845E/G, L/X2415E/G, X3335E/G, TANAKA TBC2501, TBC340PF

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